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Gail Coffey is an international business consultant, a published author (book and newsletters), a graphologist (handwriting analyst), and a lifetime student of wellness. She studied human energy systems, biotonics, and biofeedback extensively with Jack Schwarz; was certified in hypnotherapy by Christina Goodman; studied Hawaiian healing/culture/language for nearly three years with Kapi’oho Lyons Naone, a renowned Kahuna recognized by the state of Hawaii; completed the TAI Sophia course in five element acupuncture philosophy for lay persons; and completed her master’s level course in management in accordance with five element principles. She applies those five element principles to her proposal management practice (see Gail Coffey on Linked-In), and in her daily living. She holds a B.S. in Healtheology from AIHT.

Ms. Coffey’s schedule includes a 2-hour weekly massage, as well as monthly acupuncture and monthly DNFT chiropractic appointments.  She enjoys mostly organic foods slanted toward a vegetarian menu. Her main health adviser is an integrated holistic practitioner who employs naturopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, yoga, and nutrition in his practice. She finds deep breathing, yoga, and classical stretch essential to maintaining her own wellness.

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