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Our bodies are our homes.  Without a body our spirit would be quite diffuse! Without spirit, the body decays, returning its earthly form to the earth.

Our bodies are our vehicles. Without a body I probably would not be able to type these words, practice massage or take a vacation.

What happens if we don’t clean the kitchen counter, do the laundry, empty the trash, water the plants, replace the water filter? What happens if we don’t change the oil, replace the tires, wash the windshield, fill the gas tank? Gradually home or vehicle becomes unhealthy or dangerous and immobilized.

This echoes what happens with our bodies.  We charge around dealing with “stuff,” miss out on sleep and downtime for repair, breath less than pure air, eat less than pure food, sustain toxic relationships – and then we wonder why we are falling apart –  achy joints, medication for everything,  and resigned to status quo or worse.

There is a very sensible solution:  Spring Cleaning – not limited to the season of spring.

People who see me are asking what I am doing to look and feel so vibrant. I feel better than I did when I was 30! I am sooooo grateful that I have found a simple, healthy, versatile, maintainable solution based on natural, organ, whole foods that has helped me lose weight I have carried for over 30 years and replenished my energy. This, plus meditation and exercise can sustain my vitality for decades.

If you want to know more, send me an e-mail – Linda@myhealthyhappybody.com.

TO YOUR HEALTH – and mine!

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Wake Up Feeling Tired Day After Day?

By Gail Coffey

Wonder why? Or do you already know that you’re commuting for hours with lots of tension and stress—while conducting business by phone so as not to “waste time,” working after you get home, and not getting into bed until midnight or well after?

A friend sent me this link () to an article entitled “Why Do Computer Tablets Disrupt Sleeping Patterns” and it made me think of all the things I’ve discovered that disrupt my own sleeping patterns (after years of ignoring the fact that my body really does need 7 to 8 hours of actual sleep each night to stay healthy).  You may want to check it out to see if any of them apply to your own feelings of fatigue.

Having a tv, computer, printer, cell phone, “walk about” phone or any other kind of “emitting” device in my bedroom disrupts my sleep—either because it “glows,” rings at inappropriate times for inappropriate reasons, or makes noises that I hear even if I don’t entirely wake up.  Alarm clocks that have radiant dials so you can see how long you’re awake without turning on a light—radiate light that keeps the room from being really dark.  Living in the city, I’ve learned that it’s never truly dark outside my windows (street lights, neighbors’ lights, etc.) unless I use room darkening shades (with room darkening drapes to cover the white lines around the sides/top/bottom of the shades).

When I had finally gotten my own bedroom as dark as possible, I traveled and found the amount of light in the hotel room was very uncomfortable and not conducive to sleeping deeply…so, I have learned to carry duct tape in my suitcase and be resourceful with hotel towels and pillows. For some reason, hotels usually put smoke detectors right where the light shines in your face when lying in bed—you can cover that little light with a small piece of duct tape and improve your sleep a lot.  Most hotel doors have a wide gap at the bottom—letting in a lot of light—I use one or two of the many extra pillows or roll a towel to block that.  Most hotels have room darkening drapes—that don’t quite reach all the way to the top or the bottom of the sides of the windows.  Sometimes you can use pieces of furniture (or some duct tape) to hold the drapes in place to help with the sides, roll towels to help at the bottom.  I unplug the alarm clocks that glow in the dark and carry my own that only glows if I touch the button on top of it.  That also eliminates the clock radio going off at some ungodly hour that a previous guest set and didn’t turn off.  Then there’s the light that glows from the tv, sometimes from a microwave, or a coffee maker.  You can use your duct tape to cover those lights – it’s easier than finding the plugs to unplug them all.

When I travel, I put my cell phone in the bathroom to charge at night, turn off my laptop or cover it with a pillow so there is no glow or pulsing light from either. I like to reduce the EMF transmissions as much as possible…yet, I also like the convenience of wireless devices.  So, I have looked into devices to reduce the effect of the EMF transmissions from all these electronic devices to further help my sleep quality.

Mirrors in bedrooms reflect any light that exists.  If they are in the same space as my bed, I try to cover them—with an extra blanket or sheet or towel—for sleeping.  Once you get in the habit of turning off the room lights, looking to see what’s glowing at you, it only takes a few extra minutes to turn off more power (saving energy, too!), cover up the little blinking lights, turn items around, etc.  And, the much deeper sleep is well worth the effort!

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Our bodies are our homes in this lifetime. We cannot move into another one because we decide that our home is too big, too small, too restrictive, too uncomfortable or dilapidated. We have to take care of the home we have. Our home is most comfortable if we address its needs BEFORE it screams and becomes resistant or complacent. To do this, we have to learn to listen to our body, to feel. Unfortunately, nuanced feeling is generally overridden by the busy mind. Our home, our body then has to take more drastic action to get our attention.

Massage is a great tool for relieving pain. Massage can also help to prevent pain by quieting the mind and body, and calling attention to feeling, physical and emotional. What we feel, we can heal.

Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!
December 30, 2012


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