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Our bodies are our homes.  Without a body our spirit would be quite diffuse! Without spirit, the body decays, returning its earthly form to the earth.

Our bodies are our vehicles. Without a body I probably would not be able to type these words, practice massage or take a vacation.

What happens if we don’t clean the kitchen counter, do the laundry, empty the trash, water the plants, replace the water filter? What happens if we don’t change the oil, replace the tires, wash the windshield, fill the gas tank? Gradually home or vehicle becomes unhealthy or dangerous and immobilized.

This echoes what happens with our bodies.  We charge around dealing with “stuff,” miss out on sleep and downtime for repair, breath less than pure air, eat less than pure food, sustain toxic relationships – and then we wonder why we are falling apart –  achy joints, medication for everything,  and resigned to status quo or worse.

There is a very sensible solution:  Spring Cleaning – not limited to the season of spring.

People who see me are asking what I am doing to look and feel so vibrant. I feel better than I did when I was 30! I am sooooo grateful that I have found a simple, healthy, versatile, maintainable solution based on natural, organ, whole foods that has helped me lose weight I have carried for over 30 years and replenished my energy. This, plus meditation and exercise can sustain my vitality for decades.

If you want to know more, send me an e-mail – Linda@myhealthyhappybody.com.

TO YOUR HEALTH – and mine!

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MARCH 2013.  Now in my 61st year, I had resigned myself to living with a body that would never again weigh less than 145 lbs. Efforts to break through that seemed extreme, undo-able, unhealthy and unstable or expensive, and there was no guarantee I could maintain the practice.

On February 14, 2013, I embarked on a 30-day cleanse and weight-loss program my daughter had used. While she had lost an impressive amount of weight and inches, I was most attracted by her description of eliminating desire for coffee and wine during the program, having a lot of energy, and finding balance from mood swings. I was mostly interested in the cleanse aspect – the possibility that cravings for coffee, chocolate and sugar could vanish and I’d have more vitality.

When my Isagenix 30-day Cleanse and Weight Loss program kit arrived, I decided to start the very next day. (Thinking: The sooner I start, the sooner I’m done. Maybe I’ll even see the scale register under 145 lbs.) Thirty days later, at 140 lbs, I had more energy and my skin looked great, I was enjoying fresh, organic food, with no desire to return to my old favorite comfort foods. Immediately I started another 30-day series, anticipating the scale soon showing a healthy weight for my small frame AND really chomping at the bit to exercise!

The beginning of the 30-day cleanse experience was humbling. I had a lot of confidence in my ability to follow the program based on past experience based on years exploring alternative health practices and products, including a mega-cleanse and repair project in preparation for surgery. I had also explored fasting, including the month of Ramadan, as a spiritual practice. Now I realize that the Isagenix start would have been much easier at the beginning if I had been in touch with Bridget, my daughter and sponsor, and Heather, our coach – and it wouldn’t have cost anything more. On-gong support is built into the program – if you ask.

My experience over the 30 days, healthwise, has been gratifying. Discovering what the Isagenix team has to offer in terms of personal support has been eye-opening and heartwarming. Discovering the integrity of the company’s practices makes my spirit soar.

Curious about Isagenix?

It’s not all about weight loss. Their products are used for healthy aging, athletic performance, healthy children, and healthy relationships. All the products and protocols are based on the premise that living closer to the earth is better for the body.  It’s said that when the student is ready the teacher appears.  I am that student, and can be that teacher. All the experience I have gained to date helps me appreciate the value of this company and its products.

If you would like more information about these products, the business, or my experience, you can contact me at www.myhealthyhappybody.isagenix.com.

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APRIL 1, 2013.  Saturday morning I had committed to a fund raising event in which I was to look professional.  With little time to leave home, I grabbed my favorite pair of dress slacks – only to find discover they no longer stayed on my body.  My favorite black yoga pants had a new, unflattering way of surrounding my smaller hips.  Finally, I rushed out the door in a long navy blue skirt.  No – it’s not time to buy new clothes. Most of what I possess now, though longer, fits better.  However, I will try clothes on the night before I plan to wear them, just to be sure.

I have become much more competent at shopping and preparing nourishing, filling 400-600 cal meals without leftovers.  Amazing how much time and money I save! My blood sugar is stable, and I recognize that what I thought were signs of hunger are actually cries for water. My skin is smoother, clearer.  My energy has increased and my body craves exercise! Perfect timing for warming spring weather.

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