In 2009 my life adventure involved immersing myself in “vibrational” and nutritional healing experiences in preparation for surgery. As an complementary health professional, my mind was not in sync in the medical world which I had to trust for removal of a huge ovarian cyst.  I knew others found themselves  in this quandary and wanted to share helpful information.  Post surgery, my attentions were diverted to becoming ever more healthy.   Such is the nature of healing.

2013 – My body is functioning quite happily. I still practice massage. I am a seminary student in the United Metaphysical Churches 4-year ministerial program.  I recently have lost 20 lbs with a great nutritional program, and I’m willing to share my “secret” – just ask.  My focus has shifted from recovering to becoming incredibly well.

Once again,  having figured out my WordPress user name and password – I puzzle how to rearrange this blog so that it represents what I have to offer today.  So, as I gain technical skill in arranging my blog, it  a journal, and voice for a few friends who are proactive in supporting health and well-being on this planet, in this universe.

Speaking of friends, Gail Coffey is generously sharing her vast experience in the arena of wellness.  Her posts appearing on this page are listed on the Fresh Coffey page.




Our bodies are our homes.  Without a body our spirit would be quite diffuse! Without spirit, the body decays, returning its earthly form to the earth.

Our bodies are our vehicles. Without a body I probably would not be able to type these words, practice massage or take a vacation.

What happens if we don’t clean the kitchen counter, do the laundry, empty the trash, water the plants, replace the water filter? What happens if we don’t change the oil, replace the tires, wash the windshield, fill the gas tank? Gradually home or vehicle becomes unhealthy or dangerous and immobilized.

This echoes what happens with our bodies.  We charge around dealing with “stuff,” miss out on sleep and downtime for repair, breath less than pure air, eat less than pure food, sustain toxic relationships – and then we wonder why we are falling apart –  achy joints, medication for everything,  and resigned to status quo or worse.

There is a very sensible solution:  Spring Cleaning – not limited to the season of spring.

People who see me are asking what I am doing to look and feel so vibrant. I feel better than I did when I was 30! I am sooooo grateful that I have found a simple, healthy, versatile, maintainable solution based on natural, organ, whole foods that has helped me lose weight I have carried for over 30 years and replenished my energy. This, plus meditation and exercise can sustain my vitality for decades.

If you want to know more, send me an e-mail – Linda@myhealthyhappybody.com.

TO YOUR HEALTH – and mine!

Gail Coffey is an international business consultant, a published author (book and newsletters), a graphologist (handwriting analyst), and a lifetime student of wellness. She studied human energy systems, biotonics, and biofeedback extensively with Jack Schwarz; was certified in hypnotherapy by Christina Goodman; studied Hawaiian healing/culture/language for nearly three years with Kapi’oho Lyons Naone, a renowned Kahuna recognized by the state of Hawaii; completed the TAI Sophia course in five element acupuncture philosophy for lay persons; and completed her master’s level course in management in accordance with five element principles. She applies those five element principles to her proposal management practice (see Gail Coffey on Linked-In), and in her daily living. She holds a B.S. in Healtheology from AIHT.

Ms. Coffey’s schedule includes a 2-hour weekly massage, as well as monthly acupuncture and monthly DNFT chiropractic appointments.  She enjoys mostly organic foods slanted toward a vegetarian menu. Her main health adviser is an integrated holistic practitioner who employs naturopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, yoga, and nutrition in his practice. She finds deep breathing, yoga, and classical stretch essential to maintaining her own wellness.

by Gail Coffey, formerly CEO, Sharing Wellness Info, reprint from April 2011 newsletter

Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, enjoying lengthening days and the gradually warming temperatures, thinking about or getting outside and exercising, preparing soil to plant flowers or a garden, bursting with ideas for new projects–these are all signs of spring. Some hints of spring arise inside your being; some appear before your eyes. Have you noticed the budding of the leaves on the trees? the first daffodils? the forsythia bringing us all that bright yellow color? the fruit trees beginning to blossom? the grass greening up? Maybe you’ve noticed that your mood is growing a bit brighter? Your energy is picking up a little and you need a little less sleep. This is the time of Wood in the Five Element model. Healthy wood is known by its flexibility–ability to bend with the wind without breaking; its deep-rootedness (lots of roots below the ground that you don’t see but that support and nourish the tree and keep it from being blown over during storms) and strength; its ability to produce seeds of new life; and its ability to go through the seasonal cycles in all its glory.

With the earthquakes and tsunamis and nuclear reactor failures in the news and impacting our lives, it’s easy to lose the qualities of the Wood energy that we most need:  strength and flexibility; ability to cycle through the emotions that arise rather than getting stuck in fear or other emotion; staying grounded, rooted; and being able to provide the nurturing that those around us need during these times of stress.

The Wood element (spring time) has to do with the organic functions of the liver and the gallbladder–in a systemic way. In our lives, this may affect strategic planning, decisions, judgment–or it may show itself as frustration or a migraine headache when things don’t go according to our plans. It might show up as having trouble making decisions or sticking to a plan.

The eyes are the sense organs of the Wood Element. Dianne Connelly in Traditional Acupuncture, The Law of the Five Elements, says, “The eyes are considered to be vessels of vision integrating the outside and the inside of a human being.” Most eye problems are a result of some type of trouble with one’s Wood element–just as clarity of vision and the ability to “see” clearly are signs of balance in the element.

Often, we associate the months of March and April with a lot of wind, the kind that helps “blow in” a new season. In Chinese medicine, this wind is known as the East wind that, in excess, can cause problems in the neck and throat. It is wise to experience this wind in small doses, limiting its ability to create illness for you while appreciating that the same wind is drying the ground when it is too wet, and carrying seeds to where they will pollinate and start the next new life.

This is also the element of the soul, your desire to be “in life” and “live life.” No wonder, then, that so many people experience the bursting forth of spring as affirmation that they have lived through another winter and will “make it” another year. No wonder that spring and it’s glorious colors and new growth inspire us to write poetry, draw, start an exercise program that we’ve been putting off, reconnect with friends, plant a garden, buy some flowers.

The Wood energy is one of vision and so we invite you to join us and get and hold a vision of our Earth and her people that is all inclusive, respectful, full of peace and Light, and love–fill yourself with the vision, and then breathe it out, sending it to the farthest places you can imagine as well as to all your family and friends. Use this spring energy to do something kind and unexpected–at least once a day–and watch and feel your own heart grow. Since April 22 is Earth Day, you might wish to make a new or renewed commitment to reduce your footprint, ecologically speaking. Or to send prayers to those in spots like Haiti and Japan, or to those facing job cuts in the US–or to all of the above. Enjoy and celebrate spring!

MARCH 2013.  Now in my 61st year, I had resigned myself to living with a body that would never again weigh less than 145 lbs. Efforts to break through that seemed extreme, undo-able, unhealthy and unstable or expensive, and there was no guarantee I could maintain the practice.

On February 14, 2013, I embarked on a 30-day cleanse and weight-loss program my daughter had used. While she had lost an impressive amount of weight and inches, I was most attracted by her description of eliminating desire for coffee and wine during the program, having a lot of energy, and finding balance from mood swings. I was mostly interested in the cleanse aspect – the possibility that cravings for coffee, chocolate and sugar could vanish and I’d have more vitality.

When my Isagenix 30-day Cleanse and Weight Loss program kit arrived, I decided to start the very next day. (Thinking: The sooner I start, the sooner I’m done. Maybe I’ll even see the scale register under 145 lbs.) Thirty days later, at 140 lbs, I had more energy and my skin looked great, I was enjoying fresh, organic food, with no desire to return to my old favorite comfort foods. Immediately I started another 30-day series, anticipating the scale soon showing a healthy weight for my small frame AND really chomping at the bit to exercise!

The beginning of the 30-day cleanse experience was humbling. I had a lot of confidence in my ability to follow the program based on past experience based on years exploring alternative health practices and products, including a mega-cleanse and repair project in preparation for surgery. I had also explored fasting, including the month of Ramadan, as a spiritual practice. Now I realize that the Isagenix start would have been much easier at the beginning if I had been in touch with Bridget, my daughter and sponsor, and Heather, our coach – and it wouldn’t have cost anything more. On-gong support is built into the program – if you ask.

My experience over the 30 days, healthwise, has been gratifying. Discovering what the Isagenix team has to offer in terms of personal support has been eye-opening and heartwarming. Discovering the integrity of the company’s practices makes my spirit soar.

Curious about Isagenix?

It’s not all about weight loss. Their products are used for healthy aging, athletic performance, healthy children, and healthy relationships. All the products and protocols are based on the premise that living closer to the earth is better for the body.  It’s said that when the student is ready the teacher appears.  I am that student, and can be that teacher. All the experience I have gained to date helps me appreciate the value of this company and its products.

If you would like more information about these products, the business, or my experience, you can contact me at www.myhealthyhappybody.isagenix.com.

APRIL 1, 2013.  Saturday morning I had committed to a fund raising event in which I was to look professional.  With little time to leave home, I grabbed my favorite pair of dress slacks – only to find discover they no longer stayed on my body.  My favorite black yoga pants had a new, unflattering way of surrounding my smaller hips.  Finally, I rushed out the door in a long navy blue skirt.  No – it’s not time to buy new clothes. Most of what I possess now, though longer, fits better.  However, I will try clothes on the night before I plan to wear them, just to be sure.

I have become much more competent at shopping and preparing nourishing, filling 400-600 cal meals without leftovers.  Amazing how much time and money I save! My blood sugar is stable, and I recognize that what I thought were signs of hunger are actually cries for water. My skin is smoother, clearer.  My energy has increased and my body craves exercise! Perfect timing for warming spring weather.

Mediation opens our awareness to our connection with the universe, to each other, and – most helpful – to ourselves. Forms of mediation are as varied as there are individuals on earth.  One can sit, walk, lie down, dance. One can focus on a sound outside, a thought, a chant, the breath, emptiness, the moment. Once can believe in God, the Universe, Nothing.  One can follow a regular study of sacred text, be with a group, embark on a pilgrimage.  I give thanks for all these options, knowing that for any to work, I must make a choice. I must commit to regular, daily practice, and allow that practice to work like tumbling water on a stone.  Eventually the tumbled stone becomes polished and smooth, and reflects LIGHT.  Eventually all the molecules of the stone merge with the molecules of the water and we know we are ONE.

Wake Up Feeling Tired Day After Day?

By Gail Coffey

Wonder why? Or do you already know that you’re commuting for hours with lots of tension and stress—while conducting business by phone so as not to “waste time,” working after you get home, and not getting into bed until midnight or well after?

A friend sent me this link () to an article entitled “Why Do Computer Tablets Disrupt Sleeping Patterns” and it made me think of all the things I’ve discovered that disrupt my own sleeping patterns (after years of ignoring the fact that my body really does need 7 to 8 hours of actual sleep each night to stay healthy).  You may want to check it out to see if any of them apply to your own feelings of fatigue.

Having a tv, computer, printer, cell phone, “walk about” phone or any other kind of “emitting” device in my bedroom disrupts my sleep—either because it “glows,” rings at inappropriate times for inappropriate reasons, or makes noises that I hear even if I don’t entirely wake up.  Alarm clocks that have radiant dials so you can see how long you’re awake without turning on a light—radiate light that keeps the room from being really dark.  Living in the city, I’ve learned that it’s never truly dark outside my windows (street lights, neighbors’ lights, etc.) unless I use room darkening shades (with room darkening drapes to cover the white lines around the sides/top/bottom of the shades).

When I had finally gotten my own bedroom as dark as possible, I traveled and found the amount of light in the hotel room was very uncomfortable and not conducive to sleeping deeply…so, I have learned to carry duct tape in my suitcase and be resourceful with hotel towels and pillows. For some reason, hotels usually put smoke detectors right where the light shines in your face when lying in bed—you can cover that little light with a small piece of duct tape and improve your sleep a lot.  Most hotel doors have a wide gap at the bottom—letting in a lot of light—I use one or two of the many extra pillows or roll a towel to block that.  Most hotels have room darkening drapes—that don’t quite reach all the way to the top or the bottom of the sides of the windows.  Sometimes you can use pieces of furniture (or some duct tape) to hold the drapes in place to help with the sides, roll towels to help at the bottom.  I unplug the alarm clocks that glow in the dark and carry my own that only glows if I touch the button on top of it.  That also eliminates the clock radio going off at some ungodly hour that a previous guest set and didn’t turn off.  Then there’s the light that glows from the tv, sometimes from a microwave, or a coffee maker.  You can use your duct tape to cover those lights – it’s easier than finding the plugs to unplug them all.

When I travel, I put my cell phone in the bathroom to charge at night, turn off my laptop or cover it with a pillow so there is no glow or pulsing light from either. I like to reduce the EMF transmissions as much as possible…yet, I also like the convenience of wireless devices.  So, I have looked into devices to reduce the effect of the EMF transmissions from all these electronic devices to further help my sleep quality.

Mirrors in bedrooms reflect any light that exists.  If they are in the same space as my bed, I try to cover them—with an extra blanket or sheet or towel—for sleeping.  Once you get in the habit of turning off the room lights, looking to see what’s glowing at you, it only takes a few extra minutes to turn off more power (saving energy, too!), cover up the little blinking lights, turn items around, etc.  And, the much deeper sleep is well worth the effort!

A list of more stories by Gail Coffey appears on the page labeled “Fresh Coffey.”  You also can select “Coffey articles” in the CATEGORIES column.

With our first breath, we inhale. With our last, we exhale. In between we repeat this many times over. Almost anything else we do in life is optional. Breathing is not.

This is our connection to Life-force.  Breath is a gift we can use with no awareness, or we can use it to increase our awareness of Life-force enlivening our bodies and connecting us to one another and the Universe. We are breathing the same air as did Jesus, the Buddha, Abraham and Mohammed. We are all sharing the same molecules of air. So, I breathe with gratitude and honor you, my companions inhabiting this Divine Creation.

Happy New Year!

Our bodies are our homes in this lifetime. We cannot move into another one because we decide that our home is too big, too small, too restrictive, too uncomfortable or dilapidated. We have to take care of the home we have. Our home is most comfortable if we address its needs BEFORE it screams and becomes resistant or complacent. To do this, we have to learn to listen to our body, to feel. Unfortunately, nuanced feeling is generally overridden by the busy mind. Our home, our body then has to take more drastic action to get our attention.

Massage is a great tool for relieving pain. Massage can also help to prevent pain by quieting the mind and body, and calling attention to feeling, physical and emotional. What we feel, we can heal.

Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!
December 30, 2012